Sunday, June 16, 2013

Somewhere over the Rainbow

Coincidentally, as I sat down to write a post about rainbows, the IZ song started playing in the background, wafting through the resort, just audible over the two other prominent sounds - wind through palm trees and waves crashing on the beach.

This trip to Maui has revealed some of the most spectacular rainbows (as well as an interesting introduction to laughter yoga, and a parasailing conductor named Dragon, but those are stories for another time), pictures cannot do them proper justice, but here's an okay shot just to give you an idea.

I went out surfing earlier this week and as I was sitting out in the ocean with Akima (Maui native, father of two, Retitred Navy, and current surf instructor) waiting for the next good wave, a vibrant rainbow appeared over the mountains in front of us.  He told me that when he was little he didn't buy into all that "gold at the end of the rainbow" stuff.  Instead he believed that there was a big pot of chili at the end of rainbows.  Good food for thought as you're trying to remember to look straight ahead at where you want to go, look behind at the wave, paddle hard, don't pop up too quickly, keep your feet parallel, maintain your weight towards the back of the board, don't flail, try not to worry about hitting the kids out there because their instructor will move them out of the way (not always true), and don't die (I added the last one, but seems like good advice when you're being constantly assaulted by waves and a surf board that seems to have it in for your face).  

What would be at the end of your rainbow?  


  1. Your pictures are amazing and I love the way you write!! I feel like I was there! I think there might be a hot foamy cappuccino and a chocolate croissant at the end of my rainbow

  2. By the way, that is one of my favorite songs! What is at the end of your rainbow?