Saturday, October 8, 2011

Santa Fe Gourmet

I recently spent several days in Santa Fe for work.  I had no idea that this would be a town of foodies.  My absolute favorite restaurant was this little corner place named Cafe Pasquals that is dedicated to using fresh, seasonal, organic ingredients.  It's low on pretension and high on flavor, character, and friendly service.  I was lucky enough to stumble on this little gem during lunchtime the day I arrived in Santa Fe.  I ordered the Blue Lady Enchiladas - Jack cheese, grilled zucchini, red onions, wrapped in two corn tortillas and smothered in red chile sauce, served with black beans and cilantro rice.  If I had to choose a last meal, this would be in the running.  
The great news for all of us is that the owner has published several cookbooks:
Because my first meal was so tasty, I squeezed in one more visit there for breakfast on my last day in town.  Happily the restaurant offers half portions which means I got to taste more things on the menu.  I ordered a half portion of Maga's Cheese Blintzes and a half portion of MM's Papas Fritas; again I was not disappointed.  If you've managed to save room for dessert, I absolutely recommend the homemade Mexican Wedding Cookies!     

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