Sunday, June 5, 2011

Maxi Dresses!

I did a little shopping this weekend. We have a big backyard birthday bash to attend this weekend and I wanted to find something fun to wear without breaking the bank. It was a bit difficult because, let's face it, the shopping opportunities in town are pretty dismal and I missed out on my San Francisco trip with Ava being under-the-weather-and-all. So now I need your help because I had to solo this shopping trip! I will try a little sunless tanner which may help dress number 1 pop a bit...

Dress #1
This one came from Forever 21 I don't think it does the colors justice, very bright pink and black against the white

Dress #2
From Target, the necklace is F21, shows up better on this dress

Dress #2 with coverlet(?). From F21
Do you like this with the dress?
 I have a really cool bracelet too, that you can't see in these pictures, it's a stack of thin gold bangles that are attached so they don't jangle. Very fun! Hopefully it will be warm by next weekend, but if not, I could wear a jean jacket with #1, I think.
Please excuse the poor quality photos, I can't figure out how to make our new camera work with our old computers, grrrr.... But you get the idea, right?
So...give me your vote, don't be shy!


  1. they are both adorable but i vote for dress #1 with the pink and black design.

  2. Thanks Jack! I love that one too, but I thought my honey had a point when he said I looked too pale. I'll try it again after my magic tan happens... something you've probably never doner, right Brown Sugar?! I appreciate the vote!

  3. Whoops, that's done, not doner! Ha!