Monday, May 23, 2011

Bon Voyage, Hawaiian-Style or A Tutorial on Packing Well!

Little Sister and I are off to Kauai for a much needed sister trip! Our goals are relaxation, eating well, rejuvenating ourselves and oh, did I say relaxation? I have learned many helpful travelling tips from little sister who is a much more seasoned traveller than I.
1. First off, whenever possible, do not check a bag. It not only saves time but also money and avoids the possibility of the lost or delayed bag. To do this for a 7 day trip takes some skill!
2. Plan outfits carefully then fold and roll up your clothes. It really does help fit more into your bag and it keeps your clothes from getting wrinkly. I brought lots of sun dresses. I even squished a large floppy beach hat in, I tried it and it came out fine.
3. Bring only the bare-essential gels and liquids in travel sizes and put them on top in your bag in their little zipper-locked baggie.  If they ask for them at security, it's easier to find that way. You will use the shampoo, conditioner, soap and lotion at the hotel. Oh, and their toothpaste too. I need my own facial products and make up.

Us with everything we need for a week in Hawaii
4. Pack a large "purse," in which you will carry your books, your real purse, your cards for playing games, your earbuds for your IPhone/Pod or the on-flight movie, and anything else that doesn't fit in your suitcase on the way home. That dark brown bag above is my "purse." Don't forget to include your own healthy (and yummy) snacks since airplane food sucks and airport food will cost way more than it's worth. I packed nuts, an apple, a peanut butter sandwich and a brownie I baked at home.
5. Wear your biggest shoes, ones  that slip on (and off) for security, but bring a pair of fluffy socks or slippers to wear on the plane.

It's absolutely amazing to me how much I can smoosh into a carry-on!

Here we are, ready to go (I didn't get lei-d before we left, it's just that Bella thought I should wear her lei since I am gong to Hawaii and all.) She's thoughtful like that...

I'm gonna miss her and the hubster but, they're going to be fine!
The Big sister

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