Monday, April 18, 2011

My Own French Skinny Experiment, week 4

So, on a quiet Sunday evening, I serendipitiously came across the French Skinny Experiment blog, which, of course caught my attention because I have been strangely obsessed with all things French for the last year and have also been trying to lose those last 12 pounds after giving birth to my daughter (who, by the way, is now, gasp!, four.) I've low-carbed, run a half marathon, completed (most of, I panicked during the swim when someone DIED) a triathlon and NOTHING. Well, it's been 4 weeks now and I have creped, croissanted, steak au poived and baguetted with butter my way out of 8 pounds without hardly lifting a finger (other than to cook some scrumptious meals, which has never burned any calories before.) Could it be true? Yes, shockingly, easily true. No exercise, no restrictions. Eat when you are hungry, stop when you are satisfied. No processed foods, and don't eat anything that isn't amazingly delicious. How low will the scale go? I have no idea but I love how I feel and am enjoying every minute, except when I am cursing American-size portions that tempt me to overeat. I have also found that Mexican food, which I adore, also tends to tempt me to overindulge, especially if we serve up at the table and my luscious guacamole is staring me down. It STILL feels really wrong to leave any! Funny, now when I eat too much I really regret it for how uncomfortable and sluggish I feel, yuck! Well, I have no doubt this will continue to be my new lifestyle but it will be interesting to see if I am correct. By the way, the nicest bonus is that my stomach has shrunk and I eat such small portions that I am spending WAY less money at the grocery store which means hopefully I can afford to buy some new, smaller-sized clothes! Thanks Karen and Shaboom and check them out here to be inspired too!


  1. Seems like we both have France on the brain. If I accomplish my master
    baking/learning French goal and with your newly found love of crepes (and
    pursuit of a truly French version), a trip to Paris this time next year might be
    in order! By the way, who knew you were such an elegant writer.

  2. Thanks! And I totally agree, Paris is in our future! Let me know any time you want me to sample your practice goods, a morning bun sounds about right right now!

  3. okay miss annette, i read through some of the french skinny blog but need a little reminder, please! could you write a blog post about the method of eating that has gotten you to lose that weight and become an even hotter mama?!? cant wait!